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Rover (Julama) Thomas

‘Bubba’ Dog Dreaming - 1996

Natural Earth Pigments on Belgian Linen
104.0 x 98.0 cm
EST. $25,000 - $35,000



Warmun Traditional Artists Cat No. RT 0056
Adam Knight Fine Art, Melbourne
Private Collection NSW


This painting shows the Wild Dog Dreaming places in the artist’s traditional country around Yalda Soak (near well 33 on the Canning Stock Route).

In 1995 the artist revisited his birthplace and the Wild Dog dreaming sites for the first time in 40 years and created a series of works based on the trip. In this work, a series of rock holes formed by Mother Wild Dog and her “Puppy Dogs” in the Dreamtime is shown. These rock holes connected by subterranean passages are found up on ridges and became vital sources for watering cattle in the harsh desert climate. They are also important Dreaming places.

At the bottom centre of the painting is the Dreaming place of the Mother Wild Dog. The linked waterholes are usually associated with prominent rounded stones that are found in this country.