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Josephine Watjari

Mick Mamungari - 2009

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen
97.0 x 118.0 cm
EST. $800 - $1,200



Ninuku Artists, SA
accompanied by a certificate Cat. No. 09354
Chapman Gallery, ACT accompanied by a DVD from the exhibition
Private Collection, ACT


Ninuku Arts Exhibition, Chapman Gallery, ACT, 10 Setp - 4 Oct 2009

"This is a story of Minyma Tjuta, lot's of women spirits. Kalpama, Alkuwari's husband, could not walk and he lived in a new shelter in the tree. His grandson came one day and looked up from under the tree and saw rain coming down, it was Kalpama weeing. The grandson got a fire stick and burnt the tree, all of it up in flames, including the grandfather Kalpama.

Alkuwari was hunting for kuka (meat) and she saw the smoke from a long way away and she knew that her grandson had burnt down the tree. She traveled to a place south west of Watarru called Mamungari. She was crying and crying and called out to her minyma (women) relatives for them to come and see what this grandson had done. They travelled the long way back to where the man/boy was. He had made long ladder which he used to climb a tall tree. When all the women tried to climb the tree he cut the end of the ladder and the women all fell down to the ground, dead. "Mulapa", this is a true story." Artist Statement