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Lockhart River Art Gang takes their unique painting style South
ABC Radio
Friday, 18th May 2012

"It was actually different, I had not seen Aboriginal Art that way before" says aboriginal artist Fiona Omeenyo remniscing the start the journey, up in Lockhart River at the northern tip of Australia

Back in the late nineties, Aboriginal artists Rosella Namok, Fiona Omeenyo and Samantha Hobson got together at Lockhart River Art Centre. They had a style of their own, shaping an original path which continues to inspire emerging painters in their community.

Life and children took them on different paths over the last ten years, but they're now back together painting in Cairns. They share the story of their reunion with Isabelle Genoux during their visit in Melbourne for the opening of their exhibition " Reunion" at the Vivien Anderson Gallery

For the artist interview, head to the ABC link