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Trevor Nickolls

Spirit '98 - 1998

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
128.0 x 83.0 cm
EST. $14,000 - $18,000



Estate of the Artist

The work Spirit '98 is cross-cultural, referencing Wandjina and other Aboriginal spirits placed in amongst modern day cultural references. A Wandjina is driving the Holden car, wearing an Akubra hat and just an undershirt. Painted in 1998, it was created as an homage during the anniversary of the Holden car, a vehicle Nickolls drove at an early stage in his Paintings career. A black hand is holding a stop sign. The words ‘Stop Dog’ refers to GOD when read in reverse. The dog is a dingo. The Aboriginal child with one leg refers to Aboriginal disadvantage. Nickolls includes multiple layers of meaning and adds the usual fun element. At the top of the Paintings is a small UFO with a green extra-terrestrial being inside. Nickolls was chosen alongside Rover Thomas to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale in 1990.