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Mona Shepherd Mitakki

Husband and Wife Story - 2011

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen
101.0 x 152.0 cm
EST. $800 - $1,200



Tjungu Palya, SA


accompanied by a certificate cat. num. 261-11

Short Street Gallery, WA

Private Collection, ACT

Mona said this story originated at Lapaku, a homeland near Warakurna (Giles Station) in Western Australia.


Warakurna is her father's and grandfather's country and where their homeland is sifuated. A secret story. One man died in this story. The men elders had inma (ceremony). Ikaka stole something which was men's business only. The elders chased Ikaka and her husband when they tried to run away. The elders found them and killed the husband. Ikaka ran, leaving behind their baby, away from grandfather's country. She went to Langaliki's (Derose) father's place, Kunamata. This lady she passed away there. True story. Mona said she can't tell full story, as it is watiku (men's) story, she can only tell the Minymaku (women's story) part. (Meaning she can only tell the women's part to this story, not the men's part.) "She never came back no more come back she sing for that man." Mona said "this is really story". Meaning, that God told this story, that it is law and Anangu (people) believe it really happened, a true story. After, Anangu tell this story in ceremony. The old men they know this story and sing it at inma or ceremony. Mona said her brother told her she could tell this story, that it is like the Seven Sister story, which is a Creation or Dreamtime story. Mona says she is from Warakurna.

In this Paintings she is showing the country travelled by the wife as she escaped. The circles represent water or rock holes/soaks where water collects. The areas of cream connecting the rock holes are the dry sandy creek beds. The areas of brown are the puli or rocky outcrops.