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Jimmy Kurtnu Pike

Kalpurtu Makari - 1998

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas
121.0 x 91.0 cm
Price Realised: $8,000.00



Japingka Gallery, WA


Private Collection WA

Japingka is the main Jila (living water) on Jimmy Pike’s father's and grandfather's country. Kalpurtu are magic spirits that bring rain and lightning. Kalpurtu live in the waterhole. When they smell strangers coming, they stand up and reveal themselves.


Walmajarri people light a fire in the distance and if the smoke goes straight to the waterhole they know the Kalpurtu are standing. An old man will run fast to the Jila and sing out "Japingka wawla! We're coming! Get Down Please! We want to get water". Then, when the Kalpurtu goes down people thank him. Here a small Kalpurtu called Makari is depicted with long hair and a beard.