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Queenie McKenzie Nakarra

Hills of Texas Downs - 1995

natural earth pigments on canvas
113.0 x 170.0 cm
EST. $38,000 - $42,000



Commissioned by Neil McLeod Fine Art
Art Mob Gallery, Tas Cat No. AM8562/12


signed by artist verso.

Queenie McKenzie earned world wide acclaim with distinct and influential artworks such as this striking example of the artist's style. It depicts Old Texas Station where men would collect white quartz used for spear heads. The rocky hills are seen as separate forms on the edge of the desert plain in the country of her childhood and early working life.


She died in 1998, the year the Warmun art centre was formerly established. In 1995, the year this work was painted, she worked in the pensioner unit where she lived with Rover Thomas and his wife Rita. Here she painted the majority of her major works for entrepreneurs who visited the community from time to time.

In an interview towards the end of her life she reminded us that the only word she had ever learnt to read and write was her own name, as it was required to sign her paintingss. Yet she was, in her lifetime and is still to this day, recognised as a spiritual and cultural icon, whose commitment to art has left an indelible impact on Australian history and culture.