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Pedro Wonaeamirri

Pwoja-Pukumani Body Paint Design - 2004

natural earth pigments on canvas
203.0 x 61.0 cm
Price Realised: $2,760.00

MP #104


Jilamara Arts, Melville Island, NT Cat No. 263-04
Alcaston Gallery, Vic Cat No. AK10557
Private Collection SA


Tineriba Art Gallery SA, Dec 2017.

This ceremonial design was painted using a brush and a Pwoja (wooden paintings comb)that the artist made himself from ironwood.


The lines of the brush represent the miyinga (scars on the body) and the dots from the pwoja represent yirrinkiripwoja (body paintings). During the Pukumani,funeral ceremony, the finished design disguises the participant from Moperdidis (bad spirits of the dead)

Pedro uses natural ochres that he collects from around Milikapiti community where he lives. The white ochre is collected near the beach and the yellow ochre comes from further inland. To achieve the red ochre Tiwi artists burn the yellow ochre in an open fire.