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Nyumitja Laidlaw

Minyma Tjurtaka Wiltja Kulyurula - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on cavnas
102.0 x 150.0 cm
Price Realised: $5,750.00

MP #105


Kayili Arts SA Cat No. NL-002
Art Mob, Tas Cat No. AM3977/06
Private Collection SA
Sotheby's, Aboriginal Art, Sydney, Oct 2008
Private Collection SA


Tineriba Fine Art, Dec 2017

Nyumitja Laidlaw was born c.1938 at Nyumun, located in the Great Victoria Desert of WA. She first saw Warburton Mission when she was about 16 but lived out bush throughout the mission years. Nyumitja primarily paints about the Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters Story); her birthplace and country are all associated with this Dreaming.

The Kungkarrangkalpa were running away from Wati Nyirru who was pursuing them in their travels. In this painting the women have set up a camp at Kulyuru and their shelters (wiltja) have been depicted in the centre of the canvas.