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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Love Story - 1990

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
80.0 x 125.0 cm
EST. $10,000 - $15,000

MP #111


Des Rogers Desert Art, Vic Cat No. DRSN04
Aboriginal Dreamings Gallery, ACT Cat No. ADAG375-10-90
Private Collection, WA

accompanied by images of the artist with the panting and a CD



c.f. For a full account of this story see Vivien Johnson, Clifford Possum, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, 2003, p247; and for other examples of this story see cat. no. 47 (illus. p183) and 53 (illus. p249)

This Dreaming took place at the sacred rockhole site of Ngarlu, for which the Tjungurrayi and Tjapaltjarri men are custodians.

The painting is about 'forbidden love'. The Tjungurrayi man,Liltipilinti had been smitten by a Napangarti woman who was 'wrong skin'. He wins her by performing Love Magic - 'singing' her while spinning his hair on a spindle. The work depicts the man's footprints as he searches for the materials to make the spindle while the foots prints descending to and from the centre represent the Woman entering and departing the scene . The U shape shows where and how he sat to create the sand painting and weave the spell required. The cloudy overlay represents a small willy willy that swept through the scene in order to disrupt the spell.

The design, seen from a bird's eye view, achieves a three-dimensional quality, with the hair spindle appearing to project upwards.