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Walangkura Napanangka

Womens Ceremony - 2005

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
150.0 x 181.0 cm
Price Realised: $8,540.00

MP #136


Mason Gallery, NT Cat No. WN0522
Cooee Art Gallery, NSW
Tjala Arts, NSW
Private Collection, NSW


Accompanied by a collection of photos of the artist painting the work


Maunsell Wickes, Utopia II, Sydney NSW, October 2005
Cooee Art Gallery, Utopia and Beyond, Sydney NSW, September 2005

As one of the last generation to remember a childhood lived in the desert, Walangkura Napanangka travelled by foot over the hundreds of kilometres from her remote desert home before settling at Papunya with her mother Inyuwa, adoptive father Tutuma Tjapangati, and sister Pirrmangka Napanangka, all of whom became artists.


In 1994, she participated in the historic women’s collaborative painting project that was initiated by the older women, and in time Walangkura became one of Papunya Tula’s most senior women artists. Her first solo exhibition was held at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi in 2003, and this was followed by another at Utopia Art Sydney in 2004.

The curves through this painting represent the hill country through which an old woman, Kutungka Napanangka, travelled during her journey from the west. She visited the rockhole and underground cave site of Mantati Outstation, approximately seventy kilometres west of the Kintore Community. She then travelled further east through Ngatanga, Papunga and Yananga to Muruntji, south west of Mount Leibig.