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Rover (Julama) Thomas

Mount House Station Homestead - 1995

natural earth pigments on canvas
100 x 183.5 cm
Price Realised: $23,000.00

MP #161


Commissioned by Neil Mcleod Fine Art, Vic
Kimberley Art, Vic
Brian Sherman Collection, NSW
Marlene Antico OAM Collection, NSW

Mount House Homestead at Bow River Station lies several kilometres off the main road between Bow River Station, Turkey Creek and Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia. This was where Rover spent part of his youth. The homestead is shown as the oval shape in the centre. Other features are Bow River - the white arcing area, the roads in and out of the homestead and the Jilili Swamp. The yellow ochre symbolises the surrounding desert country. This area and Rover's experiences in and around the Mount House Homestead were very important to him. It was here that his identity and his ability to survive as a human being and as an artist were forged. The documentation indicates that as he sat paintings this work he related stories of his youth and explained his compulsion in returning to this theme time and again.

The road leading towards the homestead runs between the cattle yards (yellow bird) and a dam holding water for the cattle (yellow circle). Adjacent to the dam is the 'blackfella' camp.