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Rover (Julama) Thomas

Krill Krill (Gurrir Gurrir) Ceremonial Board - 1984

natural earth pigments on construction ply
60.0 x 122.0 cm
Price Realised: $16,100.00

MP #173


Field Collected at Bedford Downs Station in 1984, WA
Cooee Art, NSW, 1995
Private Collection, Vic


cf. For related work attributed to Paddy Jaminji and Rover Thomas see The Dreaming Kangaroo at Nine Mile, near Wyndham [No 8 in the series of ten paintings of The Kril Kril Ceremony], 1983 natural earth pigments and binders on composition board, 120 x 60 cm Purchased by the National Gallery of Australia, 1984, Accession No: NGA 84.3030.8

60 x 122 cm (image)
77 x 139 cm (frame)

This board was originally painted by Rover Thomas in 1984. The paintings depicts Tawurr, described by Paddy Jaminji as a 'half one' kangaroo. The 'half one' is said to be dead inside a cave at the top of Elgee Cliffs on Bedford Downs station where a rock paintings of this image can be seen. Though said to be dead, Tawurr has metamorphosed into apparently inanimate rocks but retains life essence and potency. Tawurr is a male of the Jungurrayi subsection. In the Gurrir Gurrir, the old woman's spirit looks at Tawurr.'*


The paintings is accompanied by a letter explaining the circumstances under which it was collected in the field. Rover subsequently endorsed the work and agreed to the reproduction of this image as a signed limited edition screenprint. He personally signed each of the 49 copies in the edition. Ten of these screenprints have appeared at public auction since 2006.

* Will Christensen, 'Paddy Jaminji and the Gurrir Gurrir' in Judith Ryan with Kim Akerman, Images of Power: Aboriginal Art from the Kimberley, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1993, p.35