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Poly Ngal

Anwekety (Bush Plum) - 2008

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
119.0 x 120.0 cm
EST. $10,000 - $12,000

MP #185


Delmore Gallery, NT Code 08F07
Private Collection NT

Now in her eighties, Polly Ngal belongs to the oldest living generation of Utopia women and ranks amongst the most accomplished painters who have worked there during the past 20 years. Like many others including Emily Kame Kngawarrye and Gloria Petyarre, Polly began her career in late 1979 creating images in Batik, prior to the introduction of paintings on canvas in the late 1980s.


Poly Ngal’s paintingss often depict bright yellow seeds, a feast for emus, amongst the Bush Plums that grow in her country. Her paintingss are borne from traditional knowledge and her confident approach to paintings can be seen in the way she assembles streams of seeds, piling dots upon each other to create rich thick fields by employing glowing palettes of colour. Her subject matter is drawn from acute observation and memory, intimate knowledge of country, personal history and ancestral journey. Seamless in her portrayal of these elements her paintingss are sensory mind maps that reveal the artist's place, her sense of self, and her world view.