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Rosella Namok

New Village - 2016

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
140 x 180 cm
Estimate Upon Request

MP #216


Created in workshop at Fireworks, Qld
Cooee Art Gallery, NSW


Cooee Art, Sand, Salt and Spirit, August 2017

Rosella Namok's paintingss engage traditional themes but she explores them in her own distinctive style, bearing the markers of a modern sensibility. The ‘culture and stories’ of which Namok paints revolve loosely around several narratives. They are stories of her social and physical or natural environment featuring events such as hunting and fishing expeditions, weather patterns of rain and wind, or the stories of Kapay and Kuyan, the two opposing moieties that govern marriage relations in Namok’s Ungkum community. Also apparent in Namok’s work are themes relating to traditional knowledge of country including kinship relations as well as tribal law as it affects both the individual and their community. In fact, it was her wish to explore and establish her correct lineage, her ‘right place’ within the whole, that initially sparked much of the imagery that takes shape throughout the entire scope of Namok’s art.