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Ena Nungurayai Gimme

Artist's Mother's Country - 1991

synthetic polymer paint on cavnas
100 x 75 cm
EST. $5,000 - $8,000

MP #253


Warlayiriti Art, Balgo Hills WA Cat No. 634/91
Private Collection, Spain
Private Collection, USA

Accompanied by its original certificate of authenticity from Warlayirti Artists WA


Lawson~Menzies, Fine Aboriginal Art, Sydney, 31/05/2005, Lot No. 26
Duran Arte y Subastas, Spain, Lot. No. 154 

Ena Gimme began paintings on canvas for Warlayirti Artists in 1989. She was the eldest daughter of Eubena Nampitjin and, because of the strong influence of her mother, her artistic expression more closely followed the developments of the older female painters. This was in part also due to the fact that she did not leave her traditional lands on the Canning Stock Route until she was mature in age.

The circular motifs in her paintings on canvass centered upon two waterholes from her mother country, surrounded by a grove of trees. This paintings on canvas shows one of these important waterholes which generations of the artist's family camped at. In the surrounding bush there is always plentiful supplies of the 'ngungun' fruit which is collected by the women. The rocks shown have associations with Dreamtime creation stories passed down in law and ceremony.

Ena Gimme passed away in 1992 at 36 years of age, just three years after she had begun paintings on canvas. After a period spent in the sorry camp her mother Eubena left Balgo Hills and returned to Well 33. It was to be another 3 years before she would return to the art centre and begin paintings on canvas once more.