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Ned Grant

Wakurra - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
92.0 x 155.0 cm
Price Realised: $1,800.00

MP #275


Spinifex Arts Project, WA Cat No. C488.
Private Collection, USA

Ned Grant was born in the Spinifex Country in the Great Victoria Desert, WA and was inducted into Men’s Law in the ranges country north-west of Laverton. Ned was taken into Cundeelee Mission in the late 1950s,  and by the early 1980s he had become one of the elders who helped drive the return to Spinifex country. Today Ned is the main ceremonial leader of the Tjintu (sun side) of Spinifex society.


He began painting in 1997 and was one of 17 men who collaboratively painted their particular estates, which when merged together, formed the Men’s Native Title painting that was presented to the High Court as the basis for the successful Spinifex land claim. Ned has not been a prolific individual painter. He has, however, been an integral contributor to various men’s collaborative works. 


This painting depicting all of the major sites in his country is a rare individual work by the artist.