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A Large Rare East Gippsland Club and Western Desert Woomera -

carved and incised hard wood
81 x 62 cm club; 71
Price Realised: $2,200.00

MP #283


The Club - Caspian Gallery (Bill Evans), NSW
The Woomera - Aboriginal and Pacific Art (Gabriella Roy), NSW
Private Collection, NSW

The club of rounded curvilinear form, bulbous handle at one end and tapered flattened sword shape at other. Replete with burnt and incised chevron patterning and rich honeyed patina. (Mounted)

The woomera of tapered leaf shape with rich lusterous patina., Incised traditional men’s key design on frontal surface and fine adzing verso. (Mounted)

81 x 62 cm club
71 x 11.8 cm woomera