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Jimmy Nerrimah Mawukura

Jilji (sandhill) country the Great Sandy Desert. - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
80.0 x 100.0 cm
EST. $6,000 - $8,000

MP #299


Mangkaja Arts, WA Cat No. PC053/06
Harvison Gallery, WA
Private Collection, WA

Jimmy Nerrimah's country was Wayampajarti, a jila (permanent waterhole) in the north western area of the Great Sandy Desert. He was born 500 km south east of Derby, went through the law as a young man and lived a nomadic existence in the desert until his 60s. As a fully initiated Walmajarri man he knew all of the waterholes and soakages throughout his country and lived in the desert, moving around totally reliant on these. He finally left the bush in his 60s and worked for a time at Nerrimah Station where he got his 'white fella' name.


He moved to live out his final years at Looma, an outstation in the west Kimberley near Derby.