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Cindy Nakamarra Gibson

Wilkinkarra - Three Rockholes at Kintore - 2016

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
92 x 150 cm
EST. $5,500 - $7,500

MP #303


Palya Proper Fine Art, NT
Private Collection, NT

Accompanied by an original source certificate of authenticity.

Born in Alice Springs in 1967, Cindy Nakamarra spent her childhood growing up in Yuendumu, with her mother Mitjili Napanangka Gibson and father Jiti Jiti Tjapurrula. Her uncle Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka, was one of the first members of the Western Desert art movement.

After moving to Kintore in 1987, she spent time in Alice Springs for her children’s education and worked with her father on wildlife documentaries. She collaborated on a number of her mother's small paintings on canvass during Mitjili’s early paintings on canvas years. When her mother began to paint seriously, Cindy assisted behind the scenes so that Mitjili was free to just paint. After her mother’s passing in 2010 Cindy resumed paintings on canvas in her own right.

Cindy’s traditional country is around Winparky (Mount Web), which is near Kiwirkurra, not far from the south western border of Lake Mackay (Wilkinkarra).