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Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Awelye - Food Travels Dreaming - 1995

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
120.0 x 90.0 cm
EST. $20,000 - $30,000

MP #311


Commissioned by Helen Loveridge, Outback Alive ACT, 1995 Cat No. OA665
Private Collection Qld
Pirra Fine Arts, Vic
Private Collection, Qld


Accompanied by original certificate of authenticity from Outback Alive and a certificate from Pirra Fine Arts.

This is a most unusual late career work by Emily Kngwarreye. Stylistically it resonates far more closely with works created by the artist 5 years earlier at the beginning of her 7-year painting career. Yet Emily was never averse to painting works in an earlier style if commissioned to do so. Here she returns to the tracks followed by her ancestors, and indeed her clan's women as they traversed the country looking for bush tucker.


The original certificate supplied with the painting reads as follows:


The background colours in this painting depict the bush food collected by women in the Utopia region of the Northern Territory. The white lines represent the travels made by the women whilst finding and collecting these foods to take back to camp. The foods represented in this painting are: Wild Orange, Uparli (Bush Banana), Wild Plum and Sultana. The dark smudging colour in the background is Sugar Bag. This is a wild honey which seeps out of the trunk of the Mulgoa tree.