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Estelle Hogan

Minga & Tarlu - 2009

synthetic polymer on Belgian linen
136.0 x 109.0 cm
EST. $4,000 - $4,500

MP #321


Spinifex Art Project, WA Cat No. C868
Cooee Art, NSW


Tracking the Wati Kutjarra, November 2009, Coo-ee Art Gallery

In this painting Estelle and Anne have collaborated to paint the a Minyma Tjuta (Seven Sisters) sites at Tjuntun and Minga. Estelle Hogan was born at a sacred men's site which cannot be discussed openly. 


Estelle often paints the Seven Sisters. She is a senior Western Desert custodian for this Dreaming and was born in this country. Just few of the places Estelle has included in this painting are rnki, Tolu, Yutu, Peerl, Yawart, Baltatajara (birthplace of Estelle), Minga, Kalyka, Tjuntun, Katubara and Miwaratjara . 


Anne is also able to speak of the Seven Sisters who travelled through Minga and Tjuntun on their journey across the Western Desert. The story is long and detailed and wherever the women were seen to be camped and active renders it sacred. The women are chasing a large woma python and in turn are being pursued by a "cheeky" old man named Wati Nyirru who is interested in claiming one of the women as a wife. They are of the wrong kinship group and therefore his lustful advances are elicit.This painting by these two Spinifex artists is full of knowledge, experience and authority.