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Alhwert - 2002

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
300.0 x 120.0 cm
Price Realised: $8,000.00

MP #327


Urapunja Artists, Utopia NT Cat No. STI-02502
Simon Turner International, Qld
Utopia Women's Collection, NSW


2003 - Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Qld
2008 - Utopian Modern Women’s Collection, Coo-ee Art, NSW
2008 - Black and White, NG Art Gallery, NSW
2009 - Utopia, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Vic.
2015 - Outback to Abstract - Chiefly Plaza, Sydney, Soho Gallery and Coo-ee Art

Lily Sandover Kngwarreye began paintings on canvas during the 1988-9 CAAMA summer workshop following almost a decade making batik in the Utopia clan lands. The adopted ‘sister’ of Emily Kngwarreye, Lily was her closest friend and constant companion.


When paintings on canvas Emily Kngwarreye and Lily Sandover were inseparable companions. Lily looked after the elder Emily closely, while paintings on canvas her own works alongside. Lily painted hundreds of paintings on canvass over the years as she worked beside her friend and, right up until the last months of her life, Emily camped with Lily and their family on Delmore Downs close to her tribal country adjacent to the Delmore homestead. Together Emily and Lily would travel and live for long periods on Delmore surrounded by an extended family that at times could grow to 40 women and children.

Lily was the eldest daughter of senior Alyawarr elder Jacob Jones and she in turn became the senior woman for the site of Entibera. She painted the important Two Sisters stories and a range of stories about bush foods including Honey Grevillia.