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Six Southeast Spear throwers

carved wood
0.0 x 0.0 cm
EST. $15,000 - $18,000

MP #341


1. Bega Museum, NSW
Private Collection NSW 
2. Bonhams and Goodman, Sydney, 2005
Private Collection NSW
3. Sotheby’s, Sydney, 2011
Private Collection NSW
4. Holt Collection
Caspian Gallery (Bill Evans) , NSW
Private Collection, NSW
5. Private Collection, UK
Bonhams UK Oxford 2012
6.Private Collection NSW


Cf. For related examples see; Carol Cooper et al, Aboriginal Australia, Australian Gallery Directors Council, Sydney, S96 - S109, pp. 100 - 102

Six rare south east NSW spear throwers thought to have been collected on the Lower Murray River and coastal NSW. These long narrow leaf shaped woomeras include examples with both separate wooden hooks bound to the shaft with natural resin and others with solid wooden hooks carved out of the shaft. Several bear museum markings. Each individual piece has been mounted separately to form a set.