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Namarrkon - Lightening Spirit - 1982

natural earth pigments on bark
79.0 x 34.0 cm
Price Realised: $2,200.00

MP #345


Purchased  in Darwin, 1988 

Private Collection, NSW

Cooee Art NSW Cat No. 11995

Private Collection, NSW

Namarrkon is the Lightning Spirit that lives above the clouds and is associated with the intense electrical storms of kunemeleng, the pre-wet season between October and December. The Spirit is typically illustrated in the rock art and bark paintings of the region with a circuit of lightning encircling its body.

Kulbburru, the stone axes protruding from his arms, legs and lower torso are hurled by Namarrkon when marriage taboos or other aspects of tribal law are broken striking the perpetrators of wrongdoing in the form of lightning and causing the sound of thunder that accompanies the tropical storms of the region.