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Rosella Namok

Stinging Rain, Dark Night - 2016

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
108.0 x 180.0 cm
Price Realised: $6,100.00

MP #357


Rosella Namok, Qld Cat No. RNC20170726
Lockhart River Arts, Qld Cat No. 17-376
Private Collection, Tas


accompanied by a Lockhart River Arts certificate of authenticity


Exhibited Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, NT, 2017

Artwork 108 x 180 cm : Frame 110 x 182 cm

Rosella Namok's paintings engage traditional themes but she explores them with a modern sensibility in her own distinctive style. She emerged as a member of the Lockhart River ‘Art Gang’ that burst onto the contemporary art scene in the late 1990s. Her symbols can represent both figurative and abstract forms without having to demarcate between the two. They are expressions of a way of life in Lockhart River where ancestral heritage is part of everyday life, and tradition finds form in the modern.


In Stinging Rain, rhythmic parallel lines paced obliquely to the vertical, create a moody narrative. The razor sharp gashes to the painted surface, have been created using a fine edged scraping tool. This work relates to fishing from a boat on the river during a downpour. ‘It’s always good when it starts to rain', writes Rosella. 'It stings your face and stirs up the fish underneath.’