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Boxer Milner

Purkitji - 1996

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
75.0 x 50.0 cm
Price Realised: $1,952.00

MP #362


Warlayirti Artists, WA Cat No. 583/96
Hogarth Galleries, NSW
Private Collection, NSW
Private Collection, ACT

Boxer Milner, a tall gentle old cattleman, began painting in the late 1980s. Growing in confidence as an artist through the 1990s, his paintings veered further and further away from conventional Balgo aesthetics as he went on to create ever more exciting and challenging compositions.


Born at Milnga-Milnga, south-west of Billiluna near Sturt Creek, Boxer was one of a small number who came from the transition zone between the desert and the river country in Tjaru land. Here the country and vegetation move from flat and featureless rolling Spinifex plains to flood plains with enormous river channels and permanent water holes. The yearly cycles of flood and dry create swamps with abundant bird life, through which runs Purkitji, or Sturt Creek.

In this small work Boxer depicts the flooded creeks and billabongs at Marduwarra near Pukitji, north of Balgo Hills.