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Simon Hogan

Tjening - c.2010

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
91.0 x 121.0 cm
Price Realised: $3,660.00

MP #371


Spinifex Arts Project, WA Cat No. C979
Marshall Arts, SA Cat No. MA2352
Private Collection, ACT


accompanied by a Spinifex Arts Project certificate of authenticity

In this painting one of the most revered Spinifex elders, Simon Hogan, has illustrated his extensive knowledge of his country and its Dreaming. At this site a boy called Wirintji camped. Kanpa trees grow into the Tjening rockhole here and these trees relate to the boy's special powers. Wirintji hunts a water snake that lives in the claypan at Warlyuwarlyutjara which can change form and go into Mulga trees. Wirintji knows the marks and signs of this snake and carefully follows it seeking his chance to capture and eat the snake. This is but a small part of a long narrative journey that connects important places throughout Spinifex Country. This particular story runs far to the west connecting all the sites toward Jigalong.


The Spinifex Arts Project was initiated in 1997 by the traditional owners of a vast area in the Great Victoria Desert, in order to document their ownership of country. This led to a successful land claim in a hallmark High Court decision, during which their paintings were used as evidence for the first time in Australian legal history. This stunning victory returned over 55,000 square miles of country, an area larger than the state of Tasmania to the Spinifex people. They subsequently moved out of the former mission stations where they had been resettled and re-established communities on their own land once more.