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Queenie McKenzie Nakarra

Texas Country - 1995

natural earth pigments on canvas
74.0 x 145.5 cm
EST. $15,000 - $20,000

MP #387


Purchased directly from the artist at the Pensioner Unit in Turkey Creek, NT c.1996
Art Mob Gallery, Tas Cat No. AM15880/18
Private Collection, Tas

Artwork 74 x 145.5 cm : Frame 76 x 146 cm

Queenie McKenzie was born c.1930 at the Old Texas Station located on the Ord River in the north west of Western Australia. As a child, her Aboriginal mother protected her from removal to an orphanage as her absent father was white. As a young girl she began cooking for the stockmen, tending and riding horses, and journeying as they drove cattle across the vast pastoral region of the north. During these years Queenie befriended Rover Thomas who arrived at Old Texas looking for work when 14 years of age. Later, she liked to tell and paint the story of how she saved his life after a riding accident by washing his wounds and sewing him up with a darning needle. When distant political decisions forced Aboriginal workers to leave outback cattle stations, the Gidja people faced a difficult time of unemployment, dislocation, and impoverishment.


These are the hills of Old Texas Station. The hills are depicted in a variety of colours. The trees are the old ghost gums that grow here. Queenie remembered being tied to one when she was young after trying to run away from the Police. Horseshoe Creek is shown running between the hills. There was an anthill on the way to this place. It was small when Queenie was a little girl and it grew bigger and bigger as she progressed throughout her life.