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Jimmy Njiminjuma

Njalyod - Rainbow Serpent - 1981

natural earth pigments on stringy bark
104.0 x 48.0 cm
EST. $4,000 - $6,000

MP #403


Maningrida Arts and Crafts, NT Cat No. L335UAR
Private Collection, Vic

Jimmy Njiminjuma lived with his father Anchor Galuma, at Mumeka outstation during his youth. He was taught to paint in a traditional style by his father and uncle, Peter Marralwanga. Both of his primary mentors were renowned cave and bark painters. During the 1980s Njiminjuma took a primary role in teaching his younger brother John Mawurndjurl the art of bark painting.


In this striking bark, Nalyod - The Rainbow Serpent is shown at Minmilgan, a site for Dhuwa moeity tribesmen of the Gungurulg and Gunbordo clans. The site is its spiritual home. Here Nalyod is said to be responsible for the increase of tubers called manbordbak. The serpent is described as 'a mother one'. Only senior men may approach the site. It is said that several generations ago a man and woman were killed by the Serpent for gathering the tubers close to the sacred spring where he resides.