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Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Sandhills - 2004

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
90.0 x 150.0 cm
Price Realised: $4,636.00

MP #425


Watiyawanu Artists of Amunturrngu, NT Cat Nu. 77-0336
Neil Murphy Indigenous Art, Sydney, NSW Cat No. NJM04/0213
Tjala Aboriginal Art, Sydney, NSW
The Mike Chandler Collection, NSW


accompanied by a Neil Murphy certificate of authenticity and two images of the artist painting the artwork - one with Mike Chandler in presence

Lilly Kelly began painting for Papunya Tula Artists during the mid 1980s when the company's field officers first began visiting Mt. Liebig regularly. In 1986, she won the Northern Territory Art Award. The win drew attention to the growing number of artists in Mount Leibig and the nascent art centre operated by the shop owners in the community.


By the 1990s she had become a senior Law Women and the custodian over the Women Dreaming stories associated with Kunajarrayi, in Warlpiri and Luritja country stretching between Mt Liebig, Haasts Bluff, Kintore and Conniston. Here she passed on her knowledge of traditional law and ceremonial dancing and singing to her children, eleven grandchildren, and other young women of her clan.

Her paintings refer to sand hills, the effect of wind and rain on the desert landscape, and the crucial waterholes found in the area. The best of these works evoke the ephemeral nature of the drifting, changing sandy country in the finest microcosmic detail. Rain streaks the land as it runs off the sand hills while the blowing wind folds them into the undulating waves of an infinite expanse. Beholding each work in its entirety, is to view the landscape in macrocosm as the eye follows the hypnotic fine doting and muted tones that build up into a mysterious, enigmatic topography of her land.