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Maida Stewart

Bambatj Mirringgi Ta Wan - 2010

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
200.0 x 270.0 cm
Price Realised: $2,684.00

MP #431


Agathon Gallery, NSW Cat No. MSA0021020310
Tjala Aboriginal Art, NSW Cat No. TAA3021
The Mike Chandler Collection, NSW

Maida Stewart-Amukun, an Aboriginal health worker who started painting in 2007, was a finalist in the 25th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. Stewart-Amukun paints subjects like the rag-burning ceremony, a ritual conducted to link the family and someone who has passed on. Visual stories like these interest her because they will be the legacy that her son will come to inherit.


She lives at Bulgul, a small indigenous community consisting of 10 to 15 simple houses spread along the coast north of the Daly River mouth. The residents still engage in traditional hunting and gathering activities each day including fishing, crabbing and gathering of native plants.