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Judy Napangardi Watson

Mina Mina - Hair String - 2005

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
107 x 122 cm
EST. $9,000 - $12,000

MP #445


Warlukurlangu Artists, Yuendumu, NT Cat. No. 1130/05
Private Collection, UK
Lawson~Menzies, Aboriginal Art, Nov 2006, Lot No. 124
Private Collection, USA

Born on Mt. Doreen Station, northwest of Alice Springs c.1925, Judy grew up in the vast Warlpiri country that lies between the Tanami and Gibson deserts. Her traditional nomadic lifestyle came to an end however when the Warlpiri, like other desert tribes, were forced to live in the new government settlement at Yuendumu.

Much later, after ten children and difficult times adjusting to European ways, the influence of those early years in the land of her ancestors burst forth in her art. Her principle focus was the women’s Dreaming of the Karnta-kurlangu, a large number of ancestral women who danced across the land, creating important sites, discovering plants, foods and medicines and establishing the ceremonies that would perpetuate their generative powers. The dancing women wore hairstring belts (marjardi) and tassels rubbed with red ochre and fat to emphasise their passion and power. They danced with enthusiasm and great enjoyment. The potent life force with which they imbued the country is evoked in Judy’s love of colour and richly textured, drag-dotting style which traces the sinuous lines of dancing women crossing the country.