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Freddie Timms

Moonlight Valley | Bow River (diptych) - 1994

natural earth pigments on Belgian linen
150.0 x 90eah cm
Price Realised: $14,640.00

MP #453


Narrangunny Art Traders, WA Cat No. N-0360-FT
Private Collection, WA


accompanied by a Narrangunny Art Traders certificate of authenticity

Freddie Timms was born at Police Hole in Gnarmaliny country, on Bedford Downs in the East Kimberley. He worked as a contract musterer, first at Bow River where he grew up, and later at the surrounding pastoral leases including Durham River, Lissadell, Mabel Downs, Old Argyle and Texas Downs. He was in his forties when he began painting his country under the watchful eye of elders Hector Jandanay, Henry Wambini, George Mung Mung, Paddy Jaminji, Rover Thomas and Jack Britten.


In this image he has painted Bow River Cattle station with the old stock route from Moola Bulla to Wyndham passing through it. During his droving days, he regularly participated in the two week cattle drives along this route. On Bow River there were some ten cattle camps along the way and Damper Creek was but one of them. Also known as Moonlight Valley, it was the last camp before Durham Station, locally known as Doon Doon. The wild 'scrub' cattle that were mustered in the high 'top' country were held in yards there prior to the two week walk into the busy processing facility and port of Wyndham.