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Walangkura Napanangka

Rockhole and Soakage of Lupul - 2003

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
137 x 122 cm
Price Realised: $9,150.00

MP #480


Papunya Tula Artists, NT Cat No. WN0310216
Private Collection, WA

Accompanied by original Papunya Tula Artists documentation

This painting depicts the designs associated with the rockhole and soakage site of Lupul, south of the Kintore Community. In mythological times a large group of ancestral women, represented by the 'U' Shapes, gathered at this site to perform the dances and sing the songs associated with the site. While at Lupul the women made hair-string for nyimparra (hair-string skirts) which are worn during these ceremonies.

The lines in the painting depict the surrounding tali (sandhills), the large kidney shape represents the rockhole at Lupul. The arc shapes depict the surrounding puli (rocky outcrops). Upon completion of the ceremonies, the women continued their travels north to a site near Nyirrpi. As they travelled, they gathered the fruit mangata (quandong) from the small tree Santalum acuminatum. The fleshy fruit, although somewhat tart, is highly nutritious and has a pleasant taste when ripe.