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Makinti Napanangka

Travels of the Kungka Kutjarra - 2004

synthetic polymer on Belgian linen
182 x 151cm
EST. $8,000 - $12,000

MP #509


Arnhem Land Art Gallery, NT Cat No. MN0209
Japingka Gallery, WA
Private Collection, New York, USA

Makinti began painting in 1994, when a women’s painting project was organised for the Haasts Bluff and Kintore communities. Her gestural style and bold line work were derived from painting with her fingers dipped in earth ochres onto women's bodies for ceremony. The tactile surfaces of her paintings reflect this touching and sensing, while the images serve to revivify the journeying of her two female ancestors, the Kungka Kutjarra, as they dance their way across the country. Their travels follow the desert water sources and, particularly in Makinti’s art, Lupulnga, the rockhole where she was born and where her connections to her spiritual origins are felt. Small ovoid roundels, often in linear sequence, denote this crossing of country. “Care for country” is an important motivation for this bond as the water sources must be cleared of debris and sand to keep them, and the life they support, fresh and flowing.

The lines through the work invoke the body painting for women’s ceremonies and more particularly represent spun hair-string, which is used to make belts worn by women during ceremonies associated with this Rockhole site.