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Freddie Timms

Killarney Bore - 2000

natural earth pigments with acrylic binder on Belgian linen
80 x 100 cm
Estimate Upon Request

MP #513


Jiruwun Arts, NSW Cat No. FT 4 2000-109
Private Collection, NSW

Accompanied by original Jiruwun Arts documentation

In a career that spanned more than 20 years, Freddy Timms became known for aerial map-like visions of country that were less concerned with ancestral associations as with tracing the responses and refuges of the Gidja people as they encountered the ruthlessness and brutality of colonisation.

This picture shows an area just to the east of Turkey Creek known as Killarney Bore. There was once an old station house there which was later abandoned. The small black dot is the bore that is still in use. The artist used to water horses and cattle there when he worked as a stockman for Mabel Downs Station. The rounded black part near the bore represents a little round hill just nearby. A narrow creek passes the bore and meets another in the lower part of the picture. The gap the stockmen used to ride through with their horses on the way to Texas Downs is shown at the top. It was also a traditional walking track in the time before the arrival of the Europeans. The pink area represents another little hill. The large black area represents a massive cliff called Ngangamany that was often painted by artist Queenie McKenzie.