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Eubena Nampitjin

Midjul - 2008

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
120 x 61 cm
Price Realised: $3,538.00

MP #525


Warlayirti Artists, WA Cat No.1424/08
Private Collection, WA

Eubena Nampitjin began painting in 1988 alongside her second husband Wimmitji Tjapangarti. Their early works portrayed Dreaming sites, country, and ancestral travels in the most intimate cartographic detail and are to this day the very finest paintings that have ever emanated from the Balgo Hills community.

While Balgo’s physical isolation conferred the space to evolve a distinct and unique artistic style, Eubena’s own separation from her homeland manifested as an art of absence, an act of homage which crystallised the poignancy of her country. The sense of raw energy and spontaneity in her work, with her trademark use of vibrant colour, bold patterning, and rough and ready handling, creates an ‘extraordinary sense of presence,’ that overrides any connotations of the work as an object of anthropological significance and invites the viewer ‘to appreciate her pictures for their immediate visual impact as works of contemporary art’

Eubena has painted some of her country south west of Balgo along the middle streches of the Canning Stock Route. The majority of the painting shows the tali (sandhills) that dominate this country. The central circle is tjurrnu (sockwater) named Midjul. This is the country where Kinyu the spirit dog lives. Eubena would often cover Midjul with leaves, and leave gifts of goanna to appease Kinyu when she camped at this site.