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Daniel Walbidi

Kirriwirri - 2015

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
44 x 56 cm
EST. $6,000 - $8,000

MP #530


Short Street Gallery, WA Cat No. 830463
Corporate Collection, Vic

Though his heritage is Yulparija, Daniel Walbidi was born in the remote West Australian coastal community of Bidyadanga. Severe drought and encroaching mining and grazing developments during the 1960s had pushed the Yulparija people coastwards. Along with several other desert tribes, they found refuge at Le Grange Mission (Bidyadanga) and settled amongst the Karajarri, the saltwater estuary dwellers there.

Daniel Walbidi interprets landscape in his country as striking abstract topographies full of life and movement. While concerned with keeping his culture strong, his works contain striking motifs inspired by the modern world and contemporary art. “We still paint the land,” he says, “but in an evolving way.”

Kirriwirri is a jila, or permanent waterhole, near Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route in the Great Sandy Desert. It is important to many other family and clan groups because it has water that never dries out even in the driest of seasons.