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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Ngarlu, Love Story - 1994

Etching on paper, with hand painted background dotting
46.0 x 57 cm
Price Realised: $3,416.00

MP #543


Printed by Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, 1994
Artspeak Studio Gallery, Vic
Aboriginal Fine Art, NT Cat No. A9136
Private Collection, Vic






Dimensions: 46 x 57 cm, framed  75 x 84 cm

This is the tale of incestuous lust and the magical spells cast by an old Tjungurrayi man called Lintipilinti in order to seduce a woman of the wrong skin. To achieve this illicit end, Lintipilinti uses sacred songs and a hairstring spindle that he made from his own hair and a pair of thin sticks. The man is depicted in this work as a large U shape. The object of his desire is a wrong-skinned Napangardi woman who is travelling from Yuelamu (Mount Allen) looking for the native sugar that is found in abundance on Eucalyptus leaves, where it is deposited by small flying ants. The woman does not realise until too late that she is being stalked by the Tungurrayi who is telepathically calling her to him while using ritual paraphenalia and a sacred ground painting. Though she is a strictly forbidden sexual partner Lintipilinti shows no concern.


At Ngarlu (Red Hill) a small oval shaped rockhole water source is found. If prospective lovers drink from the well it is said to have a powerful effect upon them.