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Jimmy Donegan

Pukara - 2005

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
98.0 x 151.0 cm
Price Realised: $7,930.00

MP #565


Papulankutja Artists, WA Cat. No 05-979
Aboriginal and Pacific Art, NSW
Private Collection, NSW


Accompanied by original Papulankutja Artists documentation

Jimmy Donegan was born at Yanpan, a rockhole near Ngatuntjarra Bore and grew up in the bush around Blackstone and Mantamaru (Jamieson) in Western Australia.


This painting shows the Pukara rock hole and surrounding country. The creation story for this painting reveals that two water snakes (really men) were trying to pass through the Piuyi Mountains near Warburton. They threw a magic boomerang that broke the mountain in two before travelling on to Pukara.

Jimmy Donegan was the winner of the General Painting Prize as well as being the Overall Winner of the National Aboriginal and TSI art award in 2010.

As in many of Donegan's works, the lines of colour are composed of thousands of dots in different hues, blending into a whole. The resulting pattern evokes the spiritual escence of a dazzlingly illuminated landscape.