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Nellie Stewart

Two Sisters at Nyapari - 2011

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
147 x 200 cm
Price Realised: $6,710.00

MP #605


Tjungu Palya, SA Cat No. TPNS10286
Private Collection, NSW

Nellie was born in the bush at Pipalyatjara, her father's country, in the late 1930s. Her mother is from Irrunytju and is Kuntjil Cooper's older sister. As a young girl, Nellie attended school at the Ernabella Mission and later worked in Alice Springs teaching Pitjantjatjara language with her husband. She began painting in 2007 when she moved to Nyapari with her family.

Nellie Stewart is a senior Pitjantjatjara woman. Her works are bold and colourful landscapes depicting country. They incorporate landmarks created during epic spirit journeys and the activities of creation ancestors.

Two sisters are at Nyapari during the Dreamtime. The elder sister is teaching the younger sister ceremonial law. They are singing and dancing together. They were travelling to Punuwara and travelled on to Docker River in the Northern Territory.