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Lily Karadada

Wandjina - Rain Spirits - 2004

natural earth pigments, clay and charcoal on Belgian linen
90 x 120 cm
Price Realised: $3,904.00

MP #641


Narrangunny Art Traders, WA Cat No. N-2391-LK
Cooee Art Gallery, NSW
Private Collection, WA


Lily Karadada - The last of the great Wandjina painters, April 2011, Cooee Art Gallery, NSW
Lily Karadada: Wandjina Spirit, May 2014, Cooee Art Gallery, NSW

Lily Karadada was born in her father’s country, the land of the Pitjarintjin people around the Prince Regent River on the Mitchell Plateau in Western Australia’s far north. Here, images of the Wandjina and Bradshaw figures are found in many of the caves.

It is said that the Wandjina is the embodiment of the rain spirit and ancestor of the Wonnambal, Ngarinyin, and Worrora peoples of the North-West Kimberley. Wandjina are seen decorating the walls of caves in the plateaus along the North Kimberley coast. They are unique to this region. They are always pictured from a frontal aspect in red ochres. They have no mouths, large black eyes, and a slit or beak-like nose. Lily is renowned for depicting these spirits in a veil of dots, representing the rain generated by the spirit and the blood/water bond between man and nature. Dreamtime mythology has it that the Wandjina emerge from the clouds and bring the monsoon rains each season, thereby ensuring the survival of all living things.