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Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Emily's Country - 1995

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
120 x 90 cm
Price Realised: $36,600.00

MP #684


Aboriginal Gallery of Dreaming, Vic Cat No. 94259
Contemporary Australian Visions, Vic
Private Collection, Vic

Emily Kame Kngwarreye is widely regarded as Australia's most important and successful Aboriginal artist. Her remarkable career lasted just 7 years until her passing at 86 years of age in 1996. The painterly quality and originality of her works extended her influence far beyond the reach of Aboriginal art, attracting an international audience ready to acclaim her new and innovative style.

This thick-textured fusion of deep-ochred yellow and purple hues gives a concentrated view of the desert's food sources after rain. Often hidden from view, these seed, fruit, and root vegetables are enormously bountiful. The requirement to understand the life cycles of all bush foods is necessary to survival.

The dramatic transformation of the desert – from bare to abundant – is a display of the desert's power. Linked into this is women's ceremonial life (awelye), based on the belief that these ceremonies help nurture the desert food sources and assure future fertile generations.