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Charlie Marshall Tjungurrayi

Untitled - 2002

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
31 x 31 cm each
Price Realised: $1,220.00

MP #689


Watiyawanu Artists, N.T Cat No. 77/662
Private Collection, Vic
Private Collection, NSW

31 x 31 cm each
33 x 33 cm (framed each)

Charlie Marshall is a Warlpiri artist born at Kuratjarrayi outstation in the Tanami region near Mount Liebig, where he now resides. Nicknamed 'Whitlam' for his imposing figure (after being photographed with the Australian Prime Minister), he began painting in his 40s. This was in the early 1980s, after Daphne Williams had taken over the running of Papunya Tula Artists and began servicing the Mt Liebig region. Later, when Watiyawanu Artists was established at Mt. Liebig in 1990, Charlie began creating works for them.

The Mt. Liebig township lies 325 km to the west of Alice Springs, just 75 km from Papunya. The Warlpiri community there has close connections to family at Haasts Bluff, Papunya, and further west at Kintore and Kiwirrkurra. Other early painters working there include Billy Stockman, Long Tom Tjapanangka, and Mitjili Napurrula, later joined by Lilly Kelly, Ngoia Pollard, Wentja Napaltjarri and Bill Whiskey.

Watiyawanu artists developed a distinctive stylistic approach in their work, often using a detailed lacework of fine dotting, alongside strong iconography of Western Desert Dreaming sites. This pair of distinctive small works, depicting important Men's Dreaming sites, are typical of the latter approach.

Charlie Marshall is a senior custodian of the Witchetty Grub, Wallaby, and Centipede Dreamings around his birth place. His work has been included in a number of landmark exhibitions, including Aboriginal Art - The Continuing Tradition at the National Gallery of Australia and The Painted Dream, Contemporary Aboriginal Paintings from the Tim and Vivien Johnson Collection.