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Anatjari No. I Tjampitjinpa

Kuniya Kutjarra (Two Pythons) - 1997

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
61.0 x 122.0 cm
Price Realised: $7,200.00

MP #702


Papunya Tula Artists, NT Cat. No. AT970225
Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings, Vic Cat. No 6854
Hank Ebes Collection, Vic


accompanied by a copy of the Papunya Tula certificate and a certificate booklet from Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings

Anatjari Tjampitjinpa was born and grew up at Ilyipi in Pintupi country west of Kiwirrkurra and east of Jupiter Well in Western Australia. In 1964 he moved to Papunya with his three wives and their children. Although he was an athletic warrior, Anatjari and his family had been surviving only on seed damper as there was nothing to eat or drink, the waters having dried up and the grasses having died.


He created only a few pencil and watercolour drawings for Geoffrey Bardon before moving between Balgo and Docker River and did not join the Papunya artists until the mid 1970s, when he was lured by the collective identity of painters, joining together and influencing each other. His paintings were almost exclusively based on the ceremonies and stories associated with the travels of the Tingari ancestors. Anatjari favoured the most literal imagery, which featured dismembered circles floating above an unorganised plane of dotted colour.

Certificate reads "This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole site of Mingkawarli, west of the Kiwirrkurra Community.

In mythological times the Kuniya Kutjarra (Two Pythons) Ancestors camped at this site before continuing their travels far to the west passing through Nyinmi (Juniter Well).

The straight bar through the centre of the work represents a Wana (digging stick)."