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Fred Tjakamarra

Water Dreaming at Yuntu - 1995

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
80.0 x 120.0 cm
Price Realised: $4,392.00

MP #717


Warlayirti Artists, Balgo Hills, WA Cat. No. 826/95
Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings, Vic Cat. No. 5488
Ebes Collection, Vic

Artwork Size: 80 x 120 cm 

Frame Size: 86 x 126 cm

This is the artist’s father country where a series of creeks are bounded by hills. It is a Water Dreaming site in the desert associated with rainmaking ceremonies. Clouds are depicted and what the artist called "frozen rain" which is presumably hail.


Prior to the acrylic painting movement men of high degree such as this revered artist would have incised images like this onto items such as boomerangs, hairpins and dance boards that were carried and revealed during rainmaking ceremonies amongst the Kukatja, Warlpii and other Western Desert Tribes.

Fred Tjakamarra was a senior lawmen who began painting at the genesis of the art movement in Balgo Hills at the northern extreme of the Tanami Desert.