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Long Tom Tjapanangka

Anyali Range - 2000

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
183.0 x 122.0 cm
Price Realised: $6,100.00

MP #743


Field Collected by Paul Walsh, NT Cat. No. LT 99008
Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings, Vic Cat. No. 8177
Hank Ebes Collection, Vic


accompanied by a certificate booklet from Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings

Long Tom Tjapanangka, was a respected Pintupi elder who lived at Haasts Bluff. After receiving an Australia Council development grant, he returned to his birthplace, Lupuul, (The Frederick Ranges, in the Northern Territory) and his attachment to this country, its stories and his nomadic transition away from it, became more clearly evident in his art.


He rarely articulated any sense of displacement or disorientation, as was the case with the majority of the early Pintupi painters. Rather, as his career developed, his paintings were more likely to be grounded in the tangible elements of his immediate environment. As narrative depictions, they stand apart from time and space in that they do not require a literal interpretation. He depicted ‘country’ in a visual language that was strong, simple and boldly coloured.

'The whole lot, that’s the whole story. Might be tali [sandhills], puli [rocks] anyplace. You know ‘im. You can see 'im. Anyone can see, look around'  (Long Tom Tjapanangka cited in Croft 2000: 86).

In 2000, Long Tom Tjapanangka was the overall winner of the 16th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.