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Ningura Gibson Napurrula

Women's Business - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
177.0 x 120.0 cm
Price Realised: $7,930.00

MP #780


Muk Muk Aboriginal Art, NT
Art Index, NSW
Private Collection, NSW

Ningura Naparrula was born south of Kiwirrkurra. In her early 20s, she travelled with her husband Yala Yala Gibbs to Papunya. After Yala Yala Gibbs became a founding member of the Papunya Tula artists group, she assisted him on his precise and detailed Tingari Paintings. She began painting in her own right in the second year of the Haasts Bluff/Kintore women’s painting camp. Her dynamic compositions are characterised by strong linear designs, which are slowly built up through intricate patterning and appear boldly defined upon a background of dense, monochromatic in-filling. Her focus centres upon her female ancestors who travelled the vast country, creating sacred sites and establishing customs and ceremonies.


This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole site of Marrapinti, to the west of the Kiwirrkurra Community. A large group of senior women camped at this rockhole making the nose-bones, also known as Marrapinti, which are worn through a hole in the nose-web. These nose-bones were originally worn by both men and women but are now only worn by the older generation on ceremonial occasions. The women later travelled east, passing through the Kiwirrkurra area.