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Jimmy Baker

Kanpi - 2005

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
95.0 x 79.0 cm
EST. $3,500 - $4,500

MP #781


Ninuku Artists, SA Cat. No. NKUJB05238
Private Collection, WA
Cooee Art, NSW

accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Ninuku Artists

Jimmy Baker was born in the Western Desert at a rockhole called Malumpa, a location close to the present-day community of Kanpi in north-west South Australia. He was one of the most senior and highly respected men in the APY Lands.


Baker was a great storyteller and a highly respected ngangkari (healer). An exceptional craftsman, able to create traditional implements of the highest standard, he began painting in 2004 and produced a relatively small body of work.

Like other senior men, Baker painted stories in a way that clearly defined significant sites or paths etched in the landscape by ancestral beings. These sites are multi-layered, with physical, geographical, spiritual, and ceremonial connotations.

Jimmy Baker’s work encapsulates the essence of culture, country and Indigenous pride. He had a rare artistic gift and was one of the most important artists from the Central and Western Desert region.